Services - Building designs + house plans

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Architectural Design

Provision of exceptional design build services which includes a complete set of construction drawings, done to the best quality by our design team and certified project manager . Our expertise is not limited to house plans but also encompasses commercial and social infrastructure.


Project Management + Building Inspections

Also, Tase design Inc. can provide you with the right design build services for all your house plans and building projects. Our certified project managers will make this happen!

We are able to provide professional inspection services to buildings across the Calgary . Our certified professionals are able to inspect your buildings at your convenience.

3D Rendering + BIM Services

We find architectural and engineering firms which require the service of producing BIM models for construction and marketing purposes. It is for this reason that we provide the service to both big and medium sized organizations to ensure that the built environment is illustrated in the most realistic manner. Our specialists work around the clock to ensure Calgary clients enjoy the most accurate BIM informed models possible.